BioHumusSol Solid

A new, pure-green and natural fertilizer - Improves soil structure and strengthens plants against diseases or sudden climate changes;



BioHumusSol products are recommended for many types of crops (tomatoes, corn, wheat, rice, etc.) olive trees, fruit trees or trees in general (apples, peaches, dies), vineyards etc.


  • Improves soil structure;
  • Decreases soil density;
  • Increases soil aeration and absorption of nitrogen from the atmosphere.

FOR ROOM PLANTS: Add 10 ml (2 teaspoons) / 1 L pot, mix, then irrigate.
FLOWERS AND DECORATIVE PLANTS: Apply evenly distributed, in proportion of 50 ml to each plant, mix, then irrigate.
FRUCTIFERS AND SHRUBS: Apply evenly, in proportion of 200 ml of fertilizer / tree, mix, then irrigate.
GREENSWARDS: Distribute evenly over the whole area of the field, 50 ml / m² (after planting and after trimming), then irrigate.
VEGETABLES: Insert BioHumusSol into each planting pit (30 ml), mix with base soil, abundantly irrigate, then plant.
CONIFEROUS: BioHumusSol is recommended for all types of conifers such as fir, pine, cedar, spruce, juniper, cypress, and all green plants. Apply uniformly in proportion of 300-500 ml / conifer (50 m height).