100% organic product, with a protective role for seeds - This product helps to control certain pests, pathogens and fungi that can attack the seed;



BioHumusSol products are recommended for many types of crops (tomatoes, corn, wheat, rice, etc.) olive trees, fruit trees or trees in general (apples, peaches, dies), vineyards etc.


  • It acts as a biocontrol agent;
  • It acts as a protector;
  • Colonizes the surface of seeds, protecting them from pathogens;
  • It helps in protecting seeds against the attack of certain pests while the seed it is still in the soil.

WHEAT, BARLEY, SPRING BARLEY, TRITICALS: 2L / ton; BEAN, SOY, PEASE: 10L / ton; CORN, SUN FLOWER, RAPESEED, HEMP, FLAX, MILLET: 10L / ton. It is recommended that the same amount of BioHumusSol Liquid should be applied in the treatment for a better dilution and coating of the treated seeds.
The resulting mixture is an effective biostimulator of the germination process.
Efficiency is maximal when treatment is applied to high quality seeds with a humidity content of less than 16%. It is recommended to avoid the treatment of broken, sprouted seed with low germination capacity.