A natural product with insecticidal properties - Neutralizes a wide range of pests, regulates growth, stops the development and action of the Ecdison hormone, destroys the pests that may consume the plant, reduces the fertility of adults pests and their eggs;



BioHumusSol products are recommended for many types of crops (tomatoes, corn, wheat, rice, etc.) olive trees, fruit trees or trees in general (apples, peaches, dies), vineyards etc.

BioHumusSol Liquid can be applied to the foliar or radicular system, by any spraying or irrigation method. For foliar fertilization (leaf feeding), use 1: 100 solution, 1 L of fertilizer dissolved in 100 L of water, and for radicular fertilization, use 1:50, 1 L of fertilizer dissolved in 50 L of water.


  • Regularize the growth of plants;
  • Stops the growth and action of the Ecdison hormone;
  • It makes impossible for the pests to consume the plant;
  • Reduces the fertility of adults pests and their eggs;
  • This product combats the following pests:
    - Lepidoptera, Aphids (Aphis sambaci, Aphis pomi, Dysaphis plantaginea)
    - Whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporarium)
    - Episyrphus baleatus (Diptera)
    - Colorado beetle
    - Tripsi
    - Strawberry worm (Haplodiplozis marginala)
    - Eurygaster sp.

  • FOLIAR APPLICATION: 150-250 ml in 100 L of water.
    1 L / ha - PREVENTIVE TREATMENT; 1-2.5 L / ha - CURATIVE TREATMENT, depending on the extent of the attack.

    It is recommended to treat plants repeatedly, depending on the severity and intensity of the attack, as well as the environmental conditions.

    It is very important that the product should be applied in the early morning or evening, because sun rays are less aggressive during these times of the day.

    Neemex acts by absorption but also by contact, so spraying is recommended.

    The temperature of the water used in the mixture must be at least 20 degrees Celsius.

    It does not require a rest period between application and harvest!