BioHumusSol Pellets (Vermicompost)

It is produced by earthworms, which acts like a fertilizer, having a strengthening role for plants against sudden climate changes and diseases;


BioHumusSol products are recommended for many types of crops (tomatoes, corn, wheat, rice, etc.) olive trees, fruit trees or trees in general (apples, peaches, dies), vineyards etc.

It is used for all types of flowers, lawn, vegetables, fruit trees and shrubs, vines, in intensive agriculture and land decontamination.
Plants treated with Biohumussol have a well-developed immune system, which makes them resistant to sudden climate change and disease.

The product acts as a concentrated, unique mineral-organic fertilizer, having no preservative in its composition.


  • Increases numerical and dimensional growth of leaves and roots;
  • Suppresses the harmful soil;
  • Thanks to this product, microorganisms produce hormones, vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids and minerals even for young plants;
  • Repairs the affected soils by long-term use of chemicals;
  • Increases water retention in soil, reducing the amount of water used for irrigation by 30%;
  • It is not toxic;
  • Suppresses the harmful soil;
  • Does not burn the plants;
  • It has no restrictions for use, it can be used in any crop (greenhouse or in the field), with immediate, extraordinary and visible result;
  • Increases yields by up to 80% for certain types of vegetable crops;
  • Does not contain or offer living conditions for E-coli, Salmonella or other pests.


Earthworm humus is the best fertilizer because it contains high concentrations of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms, many biologically active stimulants for plants, vitamins, amino acids, fulvic and humic acid, added during the digestive process of earthworm.
Earthworm humus completely replaces any chemical or organic fertilizer and contains 100 times more nutrients and microorganisms beneficial to plants.

Concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and other beneficial elements are often higher than in the richest soil. Due to its chemical properties and composition, humus is an essential component of the soil, which gives it specific properties, as well as a certain level of fertility.
Humus and organic matter in the soil represent the reserve of the soil in nutrients, which determines its fertility.

Biohumussol is itself a vermicompost, produced with the help of earthworms, a mineral-organic substrate, purely ecological, having in its composition no preservative. Earthworms turn absolutely any organic substance into the richest organic fertilizer known to man, earthworm humus. Earthworm humus has a large proportion of all the 16 elements that plants need.
Biohumussol considerably improves the structure of the soil, decreasing its density, increasing its aeration and absorption of nitrogen from the atmosphere, thus helping the plants to grow strong and healthy.

LARGE CROPS: Apply directly to the germinating bed about 25 kg / ha.
OTHER CROPS: Apply to the ground 150-200 kg / ha in winter, to decompose in the upper layer and to be effective at setting up spring crops (vegetables, flowers, lucerne).
PLANTING SEEDLINGS: Apply 10 g of pellets directly in the planting pit. It should be watered periodically.
FLOWER POTS: Apply periodically 10 g of pellets to the surface of the pot, incorporate and water periodically.
FOR ORCHARDS AND VINEYARDS: It must be applied in the autumn as a ground fertilizer, 150-200 kg / ha.
For vineyards the product can be applied in turns or in the hump area. For orchard trees the product can be applied on the orchard surface or locally, under the crown.
FOR GRASSLANDS: Apply 150-200 kg / ha until the snow falls to decompose before spring comes.