Stimulator of highly concentrated growth, 100% organic for all types of crops and horticulture


BioHumusSol products are recommended for many types of crops (tomatoes, corn, wheat, rice, etc.) olive trees, fruit trees or trees in general (apples, peaches, dies), vineyards etc.
Plants treated with the biostimulator Etamine have a stronger immune system that makes them more resistant to sudden changes in temperature and disease.
The content of heavy metals is much lower than the established rules. All the nutrients available in the extract will be absorbed at the cellular level by the plants, which leads to the activation of physiological and bio-chemical processes allowing the maximum assimilation of substances that are beneficial for plants.


  • Significantly increases production;
  • Increases drought resistance;
  • Helps plants to pass over periods of heat or water stress;
  • It contributes to a better and faster development of the root system.


BIOHUMUSSOL and ETAMIN contain all the elements necessary for the plant: humic and humic acids, humus, fulvoacids, vitamins, natural phytohormones, trace elements, a whole complex of irreplaceable amino acids, which acts directly on the root, thus resulting in a much better rooting of plants, a larger root, which covers more soil, from which the plant can extract more elements , it feeds better and through this we have healthier, more vigorous plants with higher yields.
It facilitates the synthesis of proteins and allows the plant to overcome periods of thermal or water stress.

Biohumussol is a unique product on the Romanian market, containing billions of living microorganisms, which facilitate the transport of nutrients in the plant and their assimilation much easier by plants, enhancing the action of foliar biostimulators and plant protection products.


Shake or mix well before use. If larger amounts of water are needed, do not exceed the recommended doses of the product per hectare for maximum results.
Sensitive foliage and plants should be spray tested first, before applying widely. The recommended application frequencies may be adjusted according to agricultural practices and / or in combination with crop monitoring.

Ensure proper spraying conditions, for example: temperature, humidity, wind speed, before application on the leaves. Compatibility and / or performance cannot be guaranteed when combined with other products. For compatibility with other products, we recommend that you perform a small surface test before widespread use.

After preparing the solution will be used immediately.


VEGETABLES: 0.3 L per 100 L of water, 2 L / ha. Apply weekly or whenever you need.

ORCHARDS AND VINEYARDS: 0.3 L per 100 L of water, 2 L / ha. Apply 2-4 weeks or whenever you need.

ORNAMENTAL PLANTS AND GREENSWARDS: 0.3 L per 100 L of water, 1-1.5 L / ha. Apply 2-4 weeks or whenever you need.

LARGE CROPS: 2 L / ha in 300-500 L of water, depending on the crown or whenever you need.

GRASSLANDS: 1-2 L / ha in 300-500 L of water or whenever you need.

VEGETABLES: 3 L / ha. Apply weekly or whenever you need.

ORCHARDS, VEGETABLES, ORNAMENTAL PLANTS AND GREENSWARDS: 3 L / ha. Apply 2-4 weeks or whenever you need.

Dilute 30 ml in 10 L of water, apply the dilute 1 L / m² mixture, apply twice as often as necessary.